We are now selling Foam Clay .

You simply buy a piece of pottery then choose from our selection of Foam Clay colours! 

The pots are £1.00 each and will make wonderful presents for any occasion.
If you are treating yourself, you can either take your chosen piece of pottery and Foam Clay colours home or you are welcome to sit and relax in our studio until you have finished your creation!
So…What IS Foam Clay!........
Foam Clay is a fantastic air-drying modelling clay with a very soft, foam paste consistency containing small polystyrene beads that can coat, wrap and cover our unpainted ceramics! Foam Clay is also perfect for sculpturing, shaping and modelling. This self-hardening Foam Clay is sure to keep children (and adults!) amused for hours!
All colours are vivid, bright and inter-mixable. We have glitter and metallic colours too!
The creative possibilities are endless!
To use all you have to do is take a small piece of Foam Clay, knead until pliable then press onto your chosen piece. Spread evenly with your fingers until covered.
Leave to dry for a few hours until the Foam Clay has hardened.