Our Pricing


What does it cost?

We have a large selection of items available, from smaller pieces at £3 right through to our larger pieces for £30

We also do not charge a studio fee so the price of the item is the total price you will pay.


Smaller piece examples...

This is a selection of our bisque pieces within our £3 to £5 range.


Mid range examples...

Our mid range selection comprises of medium sized ornamental pieces and household items and are generally priced between £11.50 and £15.


Larger pieces...

These range between £15 and £30 and are larger in size and some very unique items. 

With larger items, we do also allow you to paint the item in more than one sitting .The pottery must be paid for on the first visit.

You must return to finish your piece within 2 weeks. There is no extra charge for return sessions.